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Paradise Fades 2020-2022

Human, In order to build their own paradise for meeting their desires, are losing their nature-paradise gradually at same time.


What's the position of human in the nature draws my attention during the pandemic time. The majority think the virus come from wild animals due to we kill and eat them.

The killing character of human reminds me that a dreams of Tarrous from novel 'The Plague' by Camus, which could conclude 'not being a killing or death penalty man, not even indirect.'


Because of the killing character, In other words, we are similar to the plague to nature. When human destroy the environment, nature uses virus to defence and to strive for more time to cure their scars. 

This is a war without blood but still have an attack and self-therapy between nature and human. Generally, it seems a conflict between nature and human on surface. However, going through deeper, it is a contradiction among people. For instance, the greedy of asset, the desire of power as well as the possessive and so on. Therefore, the pandemic also is a mirror to reflect defects and the sickness of human, which could say we may been chronic suicide due to our depraved characters.

                                                                                                                                                                     written in 04/2021

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